interview question


Can you think of a time when you have identified ‘something’ could be improved? Please explain what was done and any techniques you used in the process?


In this case, the question is designed to establish how pro-active you are at using your initiative. Your answer should demonstrate that you can IDENTIFY problems rather than simply solving those handed to you. Employers want to hire people who will go above and beyond the execution of the duties defined in their job description. Therefore, a typical response might be something along these lines:

When I started in my last job at XXX, it was fairly obvious from the outset that there was no formal induction process. I didn’t even know who to ask if I needed specific and crucial information. It meant I spent a fair bit of time asking lots of the ‘wrong’ people for answers/direction. This obviously wasted my time and theirs. I subsequently decided this could be improved quickly and with minimal effort. I compiled all the data I had gathered during my early days; talked with recent hires to ask for their contributions and further connected with some peers within the department. I set out the key processes step by step ensuring a complete novice could follow them. I then incorporated it into presentation format and talked my Supervisor through the product. She was delighted that I’d taken the initiative and was fully aware of the absence of an induction plan. It was implemented with immediate effect and has been utilised ever since. Several new starts commented on its usefulness. I was really pleased I took the initiative to create the training plan and, in doing so, it has encouraged me to pro-actively seek other opportunities for improvement in whichever environment I am in.