Interview Presentation on a Topic I know nothing about...Pls Advice!!


I have been invited to attend an interview for an IT role (graduate infrastructure engineer) and make a 15min presentation. The topic of the presentation is “WHAT IS THE POINT OF PROCESS AND COMMUNICATION?”, followed by Q&A regarding my presentation. I have no clues what this mean as it does not relate in any way to IT, and I cant find any materials online/offline. Please any help and advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks.


Hi amawells,

Bit tricky that topic isn’t it!! It is almost certainly intentional for it to be quite vague, they probably want to see what ideas you can come up with. As it is IT and infrastructure (is that designing and implementing IT networks/systems??) I think you might need to look at it from how you can use communication to ensure the client knows what is going on, you know what the client wants etc.
For process I would talk about how important it is to understand process and to follow/improve it. Pretty much everything in a business can be defined in terms of a process, and personally I think understanding the processes is crucial to understanding how and why a business does what it does.
I disagree with your comment about it not relating to IT… to me understanding the process and communicating clearly is absolutely fundamental to IT. (but I have no IT experience, only process mapping/knowledge management).
I would get in touch with the HR people and see if they can clarify it a bit.
The assessors are probably not really looking at what the content is… just that it is a coherent argument, delivered confidently, and with good sound backing for your arguments in the Q&A session.

Hope that has given a bit of something to start from…


Thanks a lot Ucayman and yes the role involves designing and implementing IT networks/systems. I gained a lot from your comment and advice and I hope to get in touch with the HR.