Interview - HSBC - Urgent



I’ve got interview next week with HSBC for Business manager.

Can anyone advise me what all services are provided in Business Banking; since I have recently relocated to UK, I want to ask this as I am preparing for this telephonic interview for the role, Business Manager.

Furthermore, please advise me what kinds of questions are they going to ask in telephone interview ? and what specifically do they look for in your answers??
In India, Business Banking includes services like opening business accounts, providing services like Cash credit limits, Bank Guarantees, Letter of credits, installing credit card machines and various other online services. Are these service’s same in UK or is there any difference?

Any advice / suggestion is welcome.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Shreya,

I am not into the core banking field but i have worked as customer service adviser here in U.K. in banking. Our main duties and responsibilities are signing up new deals with customers, offering suitable loans and advising about wide range of services we have to offer. However , in your role as a business manager, i think you might have to answer questions related to how are you going to improve business, what have you done earlier which helped your company business to increase.

Also go through some example questions in wiki job as i have found them very useful. Just be confident and give them clear examples which are related to your work field and education. I am sure you will crack it. Wish you luck.