Interview help for Freshfields interview


Does anyone on this forum know anything about or have any experience interviewing at Freshfields? I have an interview coming up and could use some advice… :eek::eek::eek:


There’s a tough written exercise and a tougher business article thing you need to concentrate on (look on the wikijob wiki profile for more help on this.

The business article is usually just a short excerpt from something like the Financial Times. They ask you questions design to test commercial awareness and how interested you are in current affairs. The questions are usually razor sharp and can make things a bit tricky - you will need to be really switched on to answer them well. But I guess that’s the point.

The exam is a test of the clarity of candidate’s minds and their ability to construct a strong argument, and argue it.

The best thing to do is to keep things simple, straightforward and professional. Don’t try too hard and risk overdoing things - just do your best. The firm interview a relatively small number of people so your chances of success are pretty high from the start. Especially if you happen to be from Oxbridge!!!


Freshhhhhhhfields… I interviewed there. Strange place! I turned up, was taken into a room by myself, and handed the written excercise. It was about a business that was having various problems, and then some information about alternative options available to the company. I decide on the best course of action for the company to take. I was timed and had an hour, but frankly that was almost too long. You get loads of time.

After that I was led into another room by myself, and given the article to read. I got thirty minutes for that - again, a lot of time as the article itself isn’t too long. Make sure you read it properly though!

Finally - got taken into another room with 2 partners who absolutely b%ll%cked me about the article. They grilled me about the topic and about relevant topics and I found this really tough. Teh first thign they asked was to sum up the article in as few words as possible. Then they went through the article asking my opinions and examining every little piece of detail.

It’s a tough interview at this stage - especially with the two partners but you just have to go with it. Make sure you always say something and stay assertive and enthusiastic. Explain your views with detailed reasons, as they seem to liek that. This stage lasts for about 45 minutes.

The final stage of the interview process is a trip to ANOTHER room for behavioural interviewing with a partner and an associate. The questions this time aare much more straightforward.

After all these stages you will be taken on a tour of the company’s offices which is actually interesting although you’ll probably be quite tired by now!

It’s a slightly long-winded day and I was left wondering where the other candidates were but… that’s the way they do it. The hardest part was the double partner showdown… when you get the article, make sure you REALLY concentrate on absorbing it!!


…remember to consult the wiki profile, here - Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer | WikiJob - for further information on interviews and assessment days at Freshfields!