Interview for Lidl Graduate Scheme




I was hoping somebody could help.

I have an assessment centre coming up for Lidl for the role of “graduate manager” within supply chain.

Any help or advice on what the assessment centre will consist of will be greatly appreciated and anything else I should know.

Many thanks


Hi there

Definitely worth checking out these articles:

Best of luck!



I have applied for a different graduate role, yet to be invited to the assessment centre, i have been scheduled for the telephone interview.

I would be grateful if you could give me help/advice as to what the telephone interview consisted of.




  1. Why I wanted to work for Lidl.
  2. Why I applied for this role.
  3. About my current and previous role. (I have worked in supply chain so have a lot of knowledge the majority of the time i spent discussing what I had done).
  4. My degree, do I have a 2:1.
  5. Do I have a clean driving license and do I drive.

Hope this helps apologies I can’t help more, I received a call and was asked if I had 15 minutes spare which I did. The call was very quick.

Good luck with the interview!


Thank you!

The information was very helpful.