Interview @ Barclays FLDP (Tax)


Hello Everyone,

I have a telephone interview at Barclays FLDP (Tax) coming soon. Has anyone done any competencies interview at Barclays? What are the questions they usually ask?

A bit of help would be much appreciated as there’s little up to date info on Barclays telephone interviews around! Please please share the knowledge;)



Hi Alexa,

Ive got my interview for HR at Barclays booked for Friday. Have you had yours yet? It would be really helpful if you could share your experience with me. Or if I have mine before yours I will post the questions I was asked.

Thanks in advance


Hi both,

I have my interview for the Barclays FLDP (Retail and Business Banking) next week and would reall appreciate any information from either of you on what to expect, any tricky questions you were asked etc… As you said there isn’t much info out there.

Thanks and Good Luck!



I had my interview on Friday and mine sounds like it was pretty similar to Alexa’s maybe because mine was tax too. The only questions that were a little bit different were:

What do you know about the division you have applied to and your motivation for doing this.
Tell me about a time you have had to process a large amount of information in order to solve a problem.

My interviewer probed a lot with questions like “what obstacles did you face” and “how did you go about persuading them” ect.

Good luck!


anyone applied for FLDP Technology, I got an interview this friday, please can you give me some hint regarding the interview question will it be the same as mentioned above.

Cheers guys


Hi Alexa,

I leterally have just got a call today saying i got through. I had my interview on the 11th nov, over 5 working days ago, so I wouldnt worry too much. Waiting is so frustrating though so i hope they get back to you pretty soon.

Fingers crossed.


Hey Mostly!

Got the call today that I ve passed as well!!! It s been 2 very frustrating weeks of wsiting but I m really happy I ve made it so far. When is your AC? I have mine on the 9th of december. Are we on the same one by any chance?

Best of luck!


Hi Lottie,

Hope you have passed your interview. I will a coming interview for retail and business banking programme. any chance that you could share your experience with us please. Many thanks.


Hi Guys

I have applied for the FLDP finance and have my phone interview on 16 dec. I would really appreciate if u can give any tips for the preparation also if someone already had their phone interview for finance … could u plz share the questions asked



Hi Mezio, yeah I had its the same as Alexa, Thanks btw x


Hi Mezio, yeah I had its the same as Alexa, Thanks btw x


hey roy, so it went the same as Alex’s interview?

Also, how long was the interview?

thanks in advance :slight_smile:


By the way, marj, if it helps I can add that my telephone interview was 25 minutes long. They said at the beginning of the call it should be 30 to 40 minutes long… so naturally I thought I had done badly but received a call later that day to say I had passed.


Wow, that’s awesome. Congratulations. What position did you apply to?
and were the questions the same or any different?
And one last thing, did they ask any commercial awareness questions?
I applied to finance and my interview is tomorrow at 1 pm :slight_smile:







Hi marj,

I am applying to finance too (Grad scheme). Perhaps if you pass the interview tomorrow they may invite you to the assessment day on Thursday. Let me know if this happens as I will be there and it would be great to know someone in advance.

The questions were largely the same, you should know why barclays, why the scheme and then there are three competency based questions - I think it was inspire, perception and collaborate… even though my interview was only on Thursday I can’t remember completely haha. They probe a lot on the competency based questions, basically they structure your STAR format for you, instead of letting you do it yourself.



ok, thats cool, i will let you know if I pass and then tell you if its on thursday or not.
Thanks a Heap mate :smiley:


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