Interview at M&G Investments?

M&G Investments


I will have a final round interview with M&G Investments for the Investment Risk Analysis Graduate Scheme at the end of this week…If anyone has any relevant experience that can help me on what should I prepare for I would appreciate that…



any info on the assessment centre?


Anybody passed the tests?


Have a phone interview with M&G if anybody has any relevant information to give me.


Which scheme was it for? I’m still waiting for the tests, apparently they had lots of applications.


The investment scheme. Heard back two days after application about tests, then a couple of weeks later about a phone interview, now out of the process


Cheers mate, may I also ask when did you apply? I applied for the Investment scheme as well, submitted app in late Sep but I still haven’t received the tests. Also, good luck with other opportunities!


I completed my application at the end of Oct. Received the tests three days later. Received the confirmation yesterday and it now reads under consideration.