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Dear All,

I am new to this site and to the graduate job hunting schtick, recently applied to Crowe Clark Whitehill LLP for ACA audit grad job and got invited to an interview. It’s in Manchester and am just wondering what the interview entails and any advice anyone can give me.



Hi, have you already attended it? Mine is in london on 27th of November…could you or anyone provide me with details please?


Mine is booked for early Jan, apparently it differs slightly from office to office. But the HR manager told me I would have 2 tests, one will be math and the other critical thinking. Then I have an interview with some managers. If I’m successful I then come back another day to have a final interview with some partners.

It may differ in London but I’m not sure, you can contact them for a day plan.


I have my assessment centre coming up on Monday 3rd Dec. Can anyone tell me what it has been like if anyone has experienced a day at CCW? I can’t find much on the other sites about recent assessment centres!


I have to do a critical reasoning test for crowe clark please can anyone who has done it or knows anything about it advise me on it?


When I had my AC all I had was the maths test, written exercise then group discussion based on what you’ve written then my presentation. Didn’t come across critical reasoning test?


Had my assessment Center on the 26th of March 2015 for a not for profit internal audit graduate role with CCW in London.

Had an shl numerical and literacy test… Not too hard

Had an in tray exercise, which was the hardest. We had to explain what to do with emails we received from staff at various levels of a company. It’s a weird one as they didn’t tell us what exactly to do. We had to explain what we would do and why.

We had to give a presentation on an enlightening experience. This is just to show your personality and see confidence levels. Mine was the change from student life to working adult. They loved it !

We had lunch followed by 2 interviews.

Interview consists of basic competency questions, what is internal audit, why internal audit, why the not for profit sector. They also asked about past experience and university degree.

Still waiting to hear back from CCW.

Hope this helps !