Internships for Graduates


I am planning on taking a gap year after university, and would like to be able to do an internship with a bank/consultancy/accountant etc to raise money for the year. However, I realise that most firms only hire interns who are in their penultimate year of study. Does anyone know of any firms that would hire graduates on an internship? Failing this, has anyone heard of any schemes that cater for graduates on gap years who only wish to do a few months work. I know that accenture, for example, has a ‘Navigator’ scheme.



Try smaller firms (not [[big 4]]/[[bulge bracket]]) who will have less “rigid” internship expectations.

Failing that think about a temping job at a good firm, or working abroad (looks good on CV + you earn money + you are abroad/travelling).

Good luck.


Yeah. you could try look at various recruitment consultants who specialise in [[investment banking]]. In fact, any finance related experience will be of benefit to you, be it in banking or elsewhere.