Internships as a final year student


Hi all,

Just wondering, does any one know whether investment banks would take a dim view of students applying for internships before having a gap year, spent travelling as opposed to something that could be seen as being more constructive. Have an interview coming up, and wondering whether to answer a question about what I plan to do in 2010/11 truthfully or not!




For internships -

some banks with consider applications from penultimate year students only!!! e.g. BNP, HSBC, etc

while some banks banks are relaxed about that, they will consider applications from final year or graduates. e.g. Nomura, Credit Suisse, etc


Which other banks, other than Nomura and Credit Suisse, would consider applications for internships from final year students?


JPM state on their website that they encourage finalists to apply for internships as a lot of their graduate places have been filled.


If we do a summer internship at an investment bank as a final year undergrad student, and our internship was successful, would we have to wait an entire year after the internship to get onto a graduate scheme? Or are there possibilities of immediate hire after the internship?

Also, what sort of excuse should we give them, as to why we didnt apply for internships in our second year? Simply that we weren’t bothered to look into investment banking earlier?


Can post graduate diploma student’s apply for internships? (As they will be doing the Msc. next year)