Internship Salaries

Morgan Stanley
Goldman Sachs


Does anyone know what the internship salaries are for summer interns and for year long interns in the major Investment Banks in London?
• Goldman Sachs
• JP Morgan
• Morgan Stanley
• Nomura
• BofA Merrill Lynch
• Barclays Capital
• Citi

(Particularly interested in Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley) Thanks!


Up to £1100 + living/accomodation/relocation allowance (upto anothet £1000). BARCAP pays the most. Have you got offers from GS, MS and JPM? Or are you being considered for roles with these? Best of luck


erm…isn’t it quite a lot more than that. I was offered one by Lloyds Banking Group and that was £3800 or so and I imagine investment banks would offer a lot more. Not so?


Jimmahi, up to £1100 per week.


thought so. cheers


Thanks for the info guys!!!


anybody got a pay offer for HSBC GM trading intern? Do they give different interns in the same role differing pay depending on how much they want them?


Here’s how much you should probably be paid as a summer intern
18 April 2011
Sarah Butcher

Rumour has it that weekly pay for financial services interns will reach £1k this summer.

Unfortunately, this may be an exaggeration: it will reach £865 a week.

This is because most banks pro-rate intern pay based on first year salaries and the standard first year salary is now £45k.

“Intern pay isn’t far off £1k a week now,” says the head of graduate recruitment at one international investment bank. “But it’s not at £1k, because that would make intern salaries higher than analysts’ salaries, which would be dangerous.”

However, someone has passed us some research suggesting intern pay varies substantially from bank to bank and role to role. Below are some alleged figures from 2010. We can’t vouch for their accuracy, or for the sample sizes, but they should give you an idea of what you could be earning if you’ve got an internship this summer.

If you have any additional information to add, let us know in the comment box at the bottom of the page.

Deutsche, trading position: £950 a week

Macquarie M&A: £850 a week

Morgan Stanley investment management: £700 a week

Nomura IBD: £850 a week, plus £100 living allowance

HSBC fixed income research: £700 a week, plus £75 accommodation allowance

UBS trade support/operations: £700 a week