Internship Advice needed please :)


Hi everyone,
I’m currently about to start my second year of Westminster uni doing Business Management and Accounting, I know its not the best uni but because I originally planned on doing history and joining the army I changed my mind last minute and so got onto here through clearing as my a levels were bio, chemistry and history. As it’s not the best uni in the world I really want to get some decent internships under my belt so I have a chance of getting a decent job when I graduate. Can you recommend some good internships that I should try get on. I was thinking along the lines of J.P.Morgan and Ernst Young. But if I apply for them would they just see Westminster and throw the application away? I know I haven’t set myself up well and its annoying because when I originally applied for Queen Mary’s, Royal Holloway, Edinburgh and the likes and got offers from all of them for history and now I have ended up here and I think im genuinely alot better than this uni but obviously I don’t have the right A levels. So any advice on what would be the best things to do in my situation to give me the best chance of getting a half decent job when I graduate would be greatly appreciated :smiley: (hope posted this in the right place) thanks.