International Work



I currently have 4 years work experience in IT support with a BSc in computing and various qualifications under my belt e.g. MCSA.
I have however never worked abroad and would love to do this particularly America/Canada. Can anyone give advice on a way of doing this? (e.g good jobsites) other than with current employer?


US strongly limits H1B visas. Makes it extremely difficult for interested employers to sponsor you.

A Canadian mate told me that Canada is still fairly “open”, so you might focus on that. On the downside, jobmarket seems to be tight. At least from what I heard from people looking for jobs in the financial industry. Maybe in your field, it s different.

Another place that you may want to have a look at is Australia. While not really processing any PR apps of students anymore, experienced people still have a good chance of being sponsored if their skills/experience are needed. Another upside is that the Aussie jobmarket is in better shape than in most other countries.

given that you have a few years of working experience, you could get in touch with some HH based in these countries. They will be able to assess whether it is worth putting effort into it. At least for Australia, I am fairly positive that you could find something.


thanks alot for your comments will def. give that a try.