International Secondment within Audit to New York (Big4)


Anonymous Question:

I am considering an international secondment to New York, how does the culture differ from London? I have heard the hours are much longer and it is a much more difficult environment, is this true?


To answer to the forum:

There is a preconception that the PwC New York office is “more hard working” than the London office. I’d say this isn’t necessarily the case. The hours you work in either office are dependent on the client you are booked on, and as always will be extremely long throughout busy season (Jan-March).

There are certain aspects that could be considered more difficult in the New York office, for example the lower levels of promotions (i.e. Associate 1 to Associate 2 to Senior Associate etc), have to be recommended or “fought for”. I.e. You and your people manager need to put you forward, just as you would in a manager or senior manager promotion. However, in London, assuming your performance rating is between 1 and 3 (i.e. not a 4), you will automatically go through these levels with no assessment required. I think if you work hard and are consistent in the New York office, however, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Finally, I will note that having spoken to multiple people who have worked in both offices, it is said the culture of “face time” in the NYC office is a lot more common than in London. Because of that people tend to arrive earlier and leave later in order to create a good impression. In general, however PwC are trying to stamp out this culture :slight_smile:

Thanks! I hope this was helpful.