International Recognition - ACA qualification


Hey guys

I was wondering whether anybody knew about the international recognition of the ACA qualification.

If you have completed your training contract after 3 years is it possible to work in another European country with the ACA qualification? Will you have to write aptitude tests to convert it to another EU country?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



I don’t know exact details but if you go on the ACA website there is a list somewhere of institutes in other countries that they have agreements/connections with. I think within these institutes your qualification would be accepted without having to sit extra tests. Like I say I’m not 100% sure as it was a while ago that I looked, but if you check the website you might find out more.


Within the EU definitely no problems


Well, you can forget bout Germany. Not accepted or only if u can proove what jobs u have done before. I.e. if you wanna do company valuation in germany you need to proove that you have done it before in england. Not recommendable. It might be different in countries which are closer to the english system