International Power 2012 Graduate Scheme.


Hi guys,

Did anyone apply? If so, have you heard back?


yes, I did, and I received the online tests


When did you receive them?


I received them on Monday.
Just got the results back: I am invited to take the telephone interview.


May I ask what position it was for?


I Also applied for the commercial scheme, been told to book the telephone interview


Just had the phone call.

It is a competency based interview, so you should really prepare some stories related to your past experiences in order to answer main questions that assess your leadership skills, communication, problem-solving skills, etc. You should also do your homework on the company.

I think it is a consultant, so she does not answer the questions related to the company/ the program and does not give feedbacks.


Do you know when we are supposed to get the feedback for the AC?


we find out whether we gt to the ac by the week commencing the 19th march.
If you havent heard by then, then the application has been unsuccesful
Good luck


Thank you so much fl123.
I wonder how many graduates they take by scheme


hello everybody,

I have just got an email inviting me for the AC for the strategy graduate programme on the 28th of march, any one else here got an invite?


Hey turtle,

I guess we will meet in London. I got also the invitation to the AC for the strategy graduate program!

See you there. I am a girl!


hey louneft,

I am happy to find someone here. I thought our AC is on the 27th and in the email is on the 28th.

I am a bit worried for the:
Some technical questions relating to aspects of the potential role will be included.

what do you think they can refer to?

Have you found any other info from previous years?



It would have been nice to receive a rejection letter at least rather than just keep the others waiting.


@WokSz, maybe you should call them.

@turtle, I think they have send a pretty generic email. And I guess the technical part will be really technical for engineering schemes/ commercial/ operation. I guess for us it is about a good culture of the company, the industry, and maybe the ability to think strategically. Me too the AC is on the 28th, but they confirmed it on the phone. So maybe they have postponed it a bit.

I have tried to find some info from the last years, but nothing…

See you soon


By the way WokSz, you seem to be very active and to have applied to a lot of schemes. Any success so far?


Have all responses gone out now? Or just in particular schemes?


I’m waiting to hear back from a few places. How about you?


hey all and louneft,

I called them and afterwards they send round en e-mail thata our AC is in fact tuesday as initially planned.

I have been away and will only look more into the commpany over the weekend.

I think they will ask stuff about the comapany and maybe to test our intelligence in general, i guess mayb ethe exercises will be like mind games haha:))

I dont know what its going to be like and just like you havn’t found more info.
Do you know the number of people they are hiring?
I am curious why no one is talking about this company since its a big one!!

anyone else ??



hey all,

for all those attending AC you just have to bring ur passport, no other documents needed at this stage, I called them.

Some schemes had their AC today, any feedback or tips you can give us?

Good luck!!!