International looking for a job in Accounting


I’m an Korean national, I graduated with a Masters in Economics and am looking for work. I have 3 months experience of working at a corporate firm in this country but I have found looking for a permanent position in London like finding the preverbial needle in a haystack. I’m looking for temp work/perm work/ grad scheme in accountancy - can anyone give me a few tips on how to go about this? I know most grad schemes are coming to a close for UK nationals and most don’t open for internationals until aug/sept. Any tips or places where I should be looking would be duly appreciated.

Thanks everybody!


Try using a recruitment agency- they might well be able to place you!


Hello there,

I think that it is difficutl not only to get job in Accounting but also in other areas. As it is discussed in the section ‘international students trying to get the job’ it might be the case that employer have higher benchmark for international students then for home students. They expect them to be very good for example at maths and also in all other areas.