International Applicant to KPMG UK Graduate Position



Hey. I am currently filling an application for “Graduate Financial Advisory - London” and I am facing difficulties regarding the Academic part of the application since I studied in an American school and university.

For the School/College part: I graduated from school with a “High School Diploma” and then I did my SAT’s and went straight to university, what information should I include?Should I mention all the subjects I took in my final year of high school and SAT scores?

For University part: I did 4 years university and graduated with a Bachelors in Business Administration - Finance, should I include all the courses I took (total of 44 with electives) or only the ones related to Business major (Finance and accounting).

Thank you and I appreciate your early response.


Yes, please include all that you’ve mentioned above. We have a full system with most countries on to work out how your academic profile compares to UK equivalents.