Intern offer, but do I need to do my Masters course?


So I’ve just got a trading internship offer at an IB and I’m in my final year of University. At the time I applied I was looking to undertake a Finance Masters course, and therefore qualified for the internship. I’ve now got an offer, but in the time after my application I’ve decided I’m not too keen on a further year of study. I guess doing a Masters isn’t really important from their point of view anyway, and it isn’t mentioned in my contract.

What are my options? If I ask the bank will they think I’ve been lying? Is there generally an opportunity to start a grad scheme, straight after an internship?

I hope that all makes sense.

Thanks in advance


Some banks will allow you to start straight away after the internship. You will have to talk to them about it. Some will insist you do the masters. It’s completely down to them.

If they don’t have a preference then do what you want, but be prepared to explain what you were doing during that empty year on your CV at future interviews if you don’t pursue the masters.