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Hi all,

I had an assessment day with Intel in November last year, so I am going to give you all insight to help you get though the AC.

There where about 10 of us, some travelled from countries around the EU. There was an icebreaker section upfront and we were told there was only 20 through to the assessment centre out a thousand application made.

The HR team gives you a presentation on Intel and then ask if you have any questions.

The first task was an in-tray exercise were asked to complete 2 tasks exercises, part 1 where you have to read and respond to the information presented to you and part 2 present your findings on an A1 paper. There was a lot of data so you have to move really swiftly.
Then you are asked to present your finding to 2 panel members, my panel members who are not so friendly. It felt like the interview in apprentice when Chris got grilled. The idea is not to panic and be confident.

After the in-tray exercise, you get a beak, this is when you get to meet graduate students on the same role, they are really friendly and seem to love their job.

After the break you, you have you 1:1 interview with two accessors. You get asked your typical competency based interview questions. The interview was 30 mins - an 1 hour long.

Last but not at all the least, the group exercise. This is very different compared to other assessment centres, it more interactive and fun. You are but into a group of 10 blind folded and given different shapes. Now the idea is to work out the missing shape. Its fun, just make you you speak up and contribute intelligently. I guess there are trying to work out your team working skills.

Well that was all, I hope this information helps.

PS Intel looks like a very good place to work, I was told by graduates working there they where given early responsibilities and the opportunity to come of with a product for their client.

All the best!


I recently had an assessment day with Intel and it was quite a different experience. Firstly, there were only two of us selected for the day as they had decided to filter it down a lot more than usual.This meant we obviously did not have to do the group task.

To begin, we had a short tour of the (huge!) building with the current intern, and then were taken to a room to informally discuss the role and the company and ask any questions we had. We were joined by 3 senior members of the sales team, some of whom had been working for Intel for over 20 years so were able to give a really in-depth insight into what working for Intel would involve. There was a powerpoint in the background but this wasn’t used at all, I felt like a real candidate rather than a just number (as had been the case in larger assessment centres.)

We then gave the presentations we had prepared; again this was more of a discussion than a formal presentation, as the senior members continued to ask questions on the subject throughout and sparked a bit of debate. At first, I was worried that my presentation must be lacking since they’d interrupted so quickly (on the first slide) but then realised it was because they were genuinely interested in finding out more about what I had discussed.

We then went to the cafe, got a coffee and had a casual chat with the managers; completely unrelated to work and just getting to know each other.

After this break, we were taken to meeting rooms in which we had interviews with two managers/intern at a time. It was a sort of good-cop bad-cop arrangement; my first interview was about my personal life and background, and was fairly relaxed. It was a chance for me to explain a bit about myself and show them my ambitions and motivation. The second required me to draw on experiences where I had demonstrated certain skills, which was a lot more challenging. Each interview was about 25-30 minutes long.

Once this was over, the intern took us back to the cafe and asked if we had any further questions. H explained the next steps in the process, and we could then leave (at about 1pm). He said we should hear back within 48 hours, but I was offered a job within 3 hours, which I was pretty surprised at.

Overall I appreciate the fact that we were treated like adults and there wasn’t the usual separation between employees and candidates. The fact that Intel’s interns are treated as full-time employees instead of students is something that was actually continuously highlighted by everyone. It was a really enjoyable day, though intense at times, and it does look like an excellent place to work. The perks of the job seem really good too, and I can’t wait to start!

I hope this was a help; good luck any future candidates!


what about telephone interviews?!


Hey bn09l2s,

Can you please tell what position you applied for? and a little more about the presentation what type of topic was given?