Integration management consulting


Anybody have any experience with this firm? I have an interview there for an Analyst position (graduate job) next week but have no idea what to expect…




I had an interview earlier this year. Unfortunately didn’t pass due to a slip up in my case study.

It is a general consulting interview. A few questions followed by a short case study.

It looks like a good company with a lot of responsibility, but bare in mind the London office is very small (around 10-15 people when I had my interview).

Good luck!


Fairly normal questions - why consulting, why integration. A few brainteasers/case studies. Looks like a cool place to work - international exposure, very flexible.

How did ur interview go r1991?


Thanks for your replies!
I didn’t pass the interview either unfortunately, they didn’t give any specific feedback but I think it was also my case study :frowning:


I’m having a first stage interview next week and am dreaded, I’m a fresh grad changing job so havent had a consulting interview in so long.
What was the case study/Brain teasers like if you dont mind me asking? would really appreciate some pointers!


same goes for Blahblah123… Thanks!


Hey zteve,

Had my second-stage interview last week, but failed unfortunately! Getting feedback on Friday, but I’d guess it was the structure of my case study - it wasn’t quite the structure I expected…

The first stage was quite straightforward - motivational/competency with a very short ‘case study’ after.

Good luck!


10-15 is pretty small. Sounds like the case studies are pretty tricky!



Sorry to hear that. What were the second-stage interview & case study like? Have you been given the feedback?


Hope some of you made it! I have an interview soon and was wondering what are the brainteasers like?


Could anyone hear please give me some advice for the first round case study… I have my interview in a few days time and am really worried as I have never sat a consulting case study before.

If you happen to know any example questions or the questions that you were asked I would be super grateful.



The first round is cv and brain teaser . Not case study as such. Do you mean the first round of interview or case study?


Yeh i mean the first round of interview… what is the brain teaser like?? is it market sizing?? do you remember what your question was??



I haven’t applied for Integration and can’t tell anything about it, but here are some good resources to practice cases: Case in Point by Marc Consentino, Case Interview Secrets by V. Cheng and