Insurance Graduate Scheme- Aviva


Hi, I have an assessment centre day in London for the Insurance grad scheme next week and was just wondering if anyone had been last year and could give me some info or if anybody is going next week as well!



Hi Lorna21,
There is a link to the AVIVA assessment centre here on Wikijob from last year.
I have also applied to the same scheme. Just type in “AVIVA” in the search box and it comes up.

I just wondered when you had your phone interview, and when you heard you were through? I had my phone interview on the 2nd of March, but I was told I would have to wait two weeks to hear when I got through. I don’t think I’ve got through but I will have to see!


I had mine on the 17th of february and i didnt hear within two weeks so i emailed her and she emailed back telling me id got through, i think there just running a bit late on some things. They should be letting you know either way, so try and get in touch with them


Thank you for the advice!
I e-mailed her today and she said that they were still deciding - guess I have more waiting to do.

Good luck for your assessment day - the stuff here about the Actuarial AC here will hopefully be very useful! :slight_smile:


Hey Lorna21,
i hope your AC went well!! I’ve got one coming up with AVIVA as well, i was wondering if you could tell me a bit about what it was like, any interview questions you remember, the presentation topic and whatnot.

Thanks, hope you have good news from them!


yes it did thank you. It was actually a really good day, everyone was friendly and welcoming. the interview questions are just based on the competencies they send you like teamwork etc so make sure u prepare answers to show your good at those competancies. The presentation you are giving a booklet of information its not to difficult stuff its just picking an option and presenting why you picked it. The day was a bit of a blur to be honest, i thought it would be a long day but your just so busy you don’t have time to think! There is a lot of time to mingle with the assesors so thats nice and try the cake! its good lol!.

Good luck!


hahaha sounds great then!!
thanks a lot for the heads up, all the best for the future!



I have an assessment day coming up with Zurich and I have never done one before so am really scared! Did you have to do a group discussion because I don’t have a clue what to expect and am a bit worried I won’t know anything on the subject. I have heard that some companies make you build something which seems a bit strange! I am glad yours went well, good luck : )


yes mine had a group discussion however companies can choose from a variety of different activities. You could always e-mail them and ask if there is any way you can prepare for the centre they might give you some hint or tips as to what your going to be doing. I wouldn’t worry about a group discussion, it tends to be on something normal like top 10 females of the last ten years or something of the like but make sure you have a quick look on bbc news and see if there is any major news in that industry as it could be topical. Make sure you research the company and what they do well also just in case. There not necessarily testing your knowledge there testing your personal skills. So if you are to build something it will to observe how you interact in a team and what role you take. They are trying to get the candidates best suited to the job so they’ll be looking for people that fit in well and can communicate well so make sure you look at the job specification so your aware of what skills they will be looking out for.
Im sure you’ll do great, Good luck!


I just found out last week that I’m through to the AC on Friday. This is in Norwich rather than London. Very excited! Thanks for all the tips posted here.


Hi daisy,

I have another assessment centre in Norwich for Aviva on Friday also, so we might see each other! I’m glad you found some of the tips helpful. GOOD LUCK!


Hi Lorna21
hw was ur AC ? I have one coming up very soon … Have u got any advise … Can I ask what the group discussion topic was like ?


Anyone applied for the 2013 actuarial graduate programme ?


Its been over a month now and still no response… Anyone with the same experience


Hi Stefblack, I am also applying for the 2013 programme (Insurance) I got an email from the recruitment team a while back saying that they are on annual leave till the 7th of January so we won’t hear back anything till then.