instant rejection for PwC audit


Instant rejection this morning, 4 hours after sending application. Am I sh1t (unlikely seeing as I have a 2:1, A at GCSE maths and spent ages on my application answers) or is this happening to others?


Funny stuff is happening mate. Bear in mind that there are basically no jobs in investment banking and all the sh1t hot Oxbridge guys are applying for accountancy. Firms like PwC can afford to be very picky this year…

…or it may be something else… perhaps you have something on your application they don’t want. If you are really annoyed call them and find out why you were rejected. The worst that could happen is you could convince them to accept your application!!


Most positions have been filled I guess, try other firms mate.


I got to AC (for the second time) and got rejected with PwC. My feedback was pretty much ‘you demonstrated all the competencies were looking for, but due to the the current economic climate, we are unable to give you an offer’

They are indeed much more selective this year, so don’t be too disheartened…I wish I had been rejected at application after hearing their rubbish excuses having wasted my time preparing for the various selection rounds


Its depressing… I don’t want to be fishing around for jobs for the next couple of years.


Have you thought about applying for an in-house programme. I’ve seen quite a few new schemes come onto the market recently


which office did you apply for mazmazcool? i applied when the applications first opened but was rejeected at AC and am now waititng for my 6 months to nearly be over. but i dont want to go through all that again just to get the response you did…this is ruuuuubish! :frowning:


I went for the Birmingham office and decided I wouldn’t apply again even after the 6 months…Since though I’ve been lucky enough to be offered a place at BDO so not all is lost :slight_smile:


well done, so note to self: avoid birmingham… still not holding out much hope though.


Mazmalcool, can you please post your comments on the AC at PwC and feedback. it will be far more beneficial for all here. thanks


congrats on the offer from BDO. they rejected my app within two days of the application. Good luck


mazmaz wow that is harsh!! did they offer to automatically put you on the 2010 intake list as a compromise?? after all you do meet all their competencies…


no problem, just incase someone is scoping out my first interview feedback, my experience and many others can be found in the following thread:

My AC experience is as follows:

There was 8 of us and we were split up for the first part of the day, one set had their partner interview and the others started off with the numerical and logical tests. I was in the latter.

The logical ones were identical to those online so that wasn’t hard at all. The numerical however was slightly different as ya have a different diagram/table for each question and you have the same time limit, so I’d aim to get through atleast 10 of the 20 questions as accurately as you can. The difficulty was only slightly harder than those online as the questions required a few more calculations…but its really not too hard.

Then the groups swapped around and I had my partner interview. It was pretty tough as he wasn’t giving anything away really, he didn’t nod or smile for the full 45 mins and it may as well have been a phone interview. The questions were competency-based but different in comparison to what I’ve been asked before. Such as ‘tell me a time over this summer where you have been challenged and what you learnt about yourself’…so it was very specific…and once I answered he would attempt to probe about and really get deeper in and repeatedly ask “but why was that?” and “can you tell me more?” so its well worth having a bit extra in the tank incase :wink: With regards to commercial awareness, I actually wasn’t asked anything which was suprising

Judging by the responses of the other hopefuls I was with, their partners were lovely and it was more of a general chat about hobbies and interests. However, me and another poor lad were stuck with our partner who was really in the mood to grill us :slight_smile: So its very much down to the luck of the draw really.

Then onto the group exercise, where you are all given the same booklet to read, but you are also each given an A4 sheet with something different on it. So when the exercise starts it might be a good idea to make sure everyone knows exactly what is on your sheet.

The case was about some holiday resort in some forests in europe. They needed accreditation for some CSR related thing and so you basically had to decide how they would reach the levels the accrediation required within the budget provided in the booklet. On your A4 sheet you will have 2 different proposals on how to meet the criteria for the accreditation be it to do with water, energy, employment etc.

So expect other folks in your group to have similar remedies regarding how to tackle the criteria to yours, but you have to discuss which one would be better to pursue which usually isn’t too hard because the costs involved are usually different so obviously work with the cheaper one - but be wary of the future benefits of each too

We finished with a chat with recent joiners which is always informative and a tour of the office. I got told that I was unsuccessful 2 days later and my feedback was actually all positive, even the partner interview. Hope this helps and i’m happy to answer any questions you might have by PM

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haha it was hard to take, but in hindsight I was somewhat obsessed with trying to secure a job at PwC so much so that I really didn’t consider anywhere else until afterwards. I always thought that the ‘culture’ of a firm was all just chat really and only experienced the differences once I visited other firms following rejection and realised I enjoyed it much more elsewhere anyway


hey mazmazcool, i have just sent off my application to BDO, where is your offer for?