ING Talent Programme - phone interview ITP



did anyone have the phone interview for ING talent program ? I applied for Finance track and I am curiosu what type of questions can I expect.

The interview is supposed to check:
-if you have competencies they ,identified,

It is based on experiences and situational behaviour, any suggestions ?

Before that there is a shl personality questionaire - any suggestions what the expectations are ?


Hi there,

I am so sorry that I just saw your message now. Yes, I did give the phone interview and managed to clear it. I understand its too late now to offer any help. I believe you had the interview with Robert Philipsen right? Fortunately, I managed to scrape an offer with ING in Finance talent programme, based in Amsterdam. Did you manage to get an offer as well in the end?


Hi everyone!

I was wondering how long can it take to hear back from ING after you submitted your application ?




Well it kind of depends which location you had applied to- if you applied to the Netherlands (like myself) than you would have been told straight after the interview was finished on the outcome. But if you applied to the UK Structured Finance scheme than I am not sure, because they can take upto a week.

Good luck either way! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot prateek88,

I applied to the UK and Luxembourg. I received some news today for the UK and I will

have a phone interview in a couple of weeks.

Do you know what kind of questions I can expect during the phone interview ?

Is it like the usual HR interview without technical questions, just to check your motivations?



Hi there,

Nice to see you, though it may seems that u r no longer use this forum, l just take a shot. Can u kindly share some tips about the interview in the Finance talent programme, especially the second and third round?
Very much appreciated!