ING- Structured Finance


So who has applied and heard back? If so, what can the rest of us expect?


applied two weeks ago, haven’t heard back anything.


Yeah same, been a while, hope we hear soon though


I applied over a month ago and have not heard back. I have even emailed them to get an update , but they did not get back to me. So its anybodys guess


yup same boat, applied about 2 weeks ago, heard nothing.


Same for me guys, anyone else in a diff position?


Anyone had difficulty uploading your CV?


I had no difficulty, just try again later


When I submit the form, it says “you must enter a valid cv”??

I have already uploaded the CV. Did you get this?


I also applied and heard nothing. Good to know I’m in the same boat as everyone else!!


I applied almost 2 months ago… still nothing. Same like some other firms(BT, DCC etc)… well, by the time they reply, I’ll likely take another offer.


I finally heard back this morning, rejection at the first stage which is very disappointing. Hope you guys have better luck!


Sorry to hear that last55, hope you have other things in the pipeline. Can I ask you when you applied for the position, and to be honest we should all expect the worst now, it been too long!


TBH, guys, this job reminds of some some other small firms which praise themselves over 3 pages etc. and then it says-opportunity for a few graduates… few?? lol… 10 000 apply and 3 get it… smth like that.

I fear we’ll also get rejections now… who knows.


Applied about a month ago now, you will have good chance if you have internship experience I think, I’ve done no internships which is a big stumbling block atm


@fiksi I dont think ING are a small firm, even though they will undoubtly only hire a few people. I think those that are yet to hear are in the ‘maybe’ pile, so there is still hope! Good Luck to everyone


so, good that we haven’t been rejected already, but we might…lol. ing is a very large firm, yes. but places scarce.

I might have a better offer already, I pray to God I get what I want…


People check your application status by logging into the system, it seems that has been updated!


It says screening for me… applied well more than a month ago. Btw, anyone knows salary for this thing?