ING IBD vs Prudential Capital Group (London) offers


Hi everyone,

I wanted to ask for advice between two offers I have.

One is for Corp. Fin. at ING’s IBD (M&A and ECM) mainly focussed on Europe and Emerging Europe (a lot of Russia, E. Europe and some western Europe).

ING bought over Barings bank in 1995 in the UK and a lot of personnel from that time still remain ( a good sign).
Its absolutely a MM place, with no designs of aiming for BB deals, but the deal flow is extremely solid and they are a leader in the markets they operate in.

The other is at Prudential Capital Group (called Pricoa in London), which is a buy side investor in private debt. also mainly in MM but does do some large cap investments.

I’m torn between the two. The people at Pricoa are really really nice and they REALLY want me to join them. Hours are very reasonable, good office, decent pay. But the office only has 8 people and 4 are analysts.

M&A is something I’ve been trying to break into for a couple years now and the ING offer is exactly that, although hardly a BB or even an elite boutique. On the other hand Pricoa is something different and a better lifestyle. Can someone advise as to what would be the better choice in terms of learning, getting experience, exit opps, b school opps?

Many thanks.


Regarding your issue I think its best to go with what you see yourself in and achieving more.

If you do your job well and enjoy I persoanlly think that everything else will be a joy. As a young graduate I think money should come at the end, you best get all skills and exp first.

hey if you dont mind me asking, what did you do previously and whats yours background? why do you think it took two years? i have trying to get into IB too, but havent been successful. i have only been trying for a year tho.