ING Commercial Banking Graduate Programme



Hi there,

I have applied for the ING commercial banking graduate programme and wondered if anyone could give me some advice on the next stage? I started by completing an online application followed by tests. After about 2 months I was scheduled for a telephone interview which I passed. The next step for the final 30/2000 is a selection of interviews with Hays Recruitment where I will have; role play (45 mins), behavioural event interview (1.5 hours) and a growth factor interview (30 mins). If anyone has been through the process or experienced this with Hays and could shed some light on what to expect would be really appreciated.

Also I am happy to answer any questions about the process so far.


Hi i have this interview with hays recruitment coming up, could you provide some information about what sorts of questions they asked?

Thanks in advance.


Hey, I’ll pass the assessment center next week. Could you give me some tips please??