influnce of economic slowdown to big 4 companies?


I need your advices, speically in tax area.

Any idea?


Actually I’ve heard people saying that the crisis will have good affects for the [[Big 4]]. People always need accountants, and in times of recession good accountants can help people to save money. Also, as more companies go in to administration, etc, accountants will be needed to sort things out.

On top of that, and something I’ve written about in the [ blog here], is the developing markets in Asia for accountancy firms… as/if the western economy shrinks, the Asian economy is growing, perhaps at quite a slow rate, but still in insreasing growth, when our is slowing down.

Also - as less graduates are getting jobs in investment banks, lots of really good people are going in to what are considered to be “safe jobs” like accountancy - so the profession is fillin up with good people. This can only be a good thing for accountancy long-term.

What do you think?