Induction for KPMG Audit role in North West


Hi Sam,

I have been offered a position with KPMG for an Audit role in the North West. I just wanted more information about the induction process, where will it be held? how long will it last? will all the graduates from across the UK be there? will travel costs be reimbursed. just general information as I am excited about starting my career with KPMG. thanks



This is still being arranged from what I know, so I don’t really have many details. The Onboarding team and Training teams will be in touch during the summer months to organise everything and give you the details.

Based on what happened last year, all graduates on a particular programme (e.g. Audit, or Tax, or Advisory) joined in a central location for their first week, whereby it was mostly a general introduction to KPMG, and networking with your cohort. Travel is organised from the office you’ll be joining, so don’t worry about travel costs.

As I say, I don’t really have many details at this point I’m afraid. Sorry. As you can appreciate, organising an event for hundreds of people can take some time.




Hi Sam,
has 5th October been confirmed as a start date now, also when will we be expected to sit our first exams once we start work? thanks


Yes, 5th October for Integrated graduates on the Audit programme.

I don’t know about when the first exam is I’m afraid - this will be covered off by our Professional Qualifications Training team when you start. It may even be covered in the Induction week.

Sorry for being a bit vague!