Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) Trainee Investigator


Has anybody ever had a telephone interview for a trainee investigator role with the IPCC?

Can you remember any questions that they asked?

Thank you!!


Had a telephone interview for this role today. Some interruptions but not too off putting - they’re definitely looking for concise answers though.

After general introductions and explanation of the interview the questions asked were something along the lines of:

  1. What are your motivations for wanting to work for the IPCC?
  2. What do you know about the IPCC and the work they do?
  3. What work do you think a trainee investigator would get involved in?
  4. What do you think would be challenging about the role?
  5. What qualities do you possess that would be suitable for the role?
  6. Can you take me through your previous work experience?
  7. Tell me about a time when you’ve worked with people from a different background.
  8. Tell me about a time when you’ve had a specific problem communicating with someone? What did you do? Follow up question - what have you learnt from that and would you do anything differently next time?
  9. As it is a trainee role there will be lots of learning and development. Can you tell me about a time when you have learnt something new and then been asked to apply it in your work? Follow up - what have you learnt from this.

I was then told I would hear back within 2 to 4 weeks.

Hope this is helpful for others and good luck to anyone applying for the role!


Hi, has anybody attended an assessment centre for the IPCC trainee investigator role

I have booked an assessment centre for next week and keen to know about the presentation.

Also the questions you are asked during the panel interview and the other tasks you are asked to complete during the day

Thanks you in advance


Hi I’m trying to book myself onto the assessment centre but says it’s a telephone interview slot only? Is this right. I had an email today advising me to book onto the assessment centre


I’m based in London. I had an email instructing me to book a telephone interview then a couple of weeks later I was instructed to book my slot at assessment centre. The recruitment process may differ depending on location.

Where are you based? Did you do the telephone interview


Can you give any advice on the assessment centre at all please?


Assessment centre is tough and may have changed since I did this. My assessment centre was run by an agency called Penna. There’ll be a group of you and you’ll rotate around a number of tasks. I started with a competency based interview. Can’t remember specific questions but they were all competency. Best advice is think of a few examples of typical competencies. Focus on what you did. I was asked a lot of follow up questions to drill down into detail. From there I went on to do a written exercise. Mine was based on a similar role to the job applied for but instead working for the Care Quality Commission. You have to read through the info provided and write a report framed around a number of questions. This then goes on to link in with the role play element where you’re faced with a live actor. You can refer to notes made during this role play.


when you say write a report around a number of questions, how do you mean? did you have to take a watson gaser test at all?


In my assessment I was given a lot of information in a pack to do with a potential medical negligence case. Emails, doctors reports etc. You’re then given certain themes/topics to answer (can’t remember specifics). You aren’t given much time for the amount of information so it’s important to pick out key points and write them down. I’d advise reading through the themes/topics and noting them down to refer to as you go through the material. I’m not sure if I did a Watson Glaser but you should have been told if you have to do one of these.


Were you able to claim your travel expenses back? I am travelling from Leeds to London for the assessment centre?


Yes. I travelled from Lancaster (hour north of Manchester) on the train and claimed back the full cost of the ticket. I remember having to fill in a form and providing a photo of my ticket.


where was your assessment centre based? and how did you find it?

thank you in advance


thank you for that information, it wsa very helpful, did the role play involve you interviewing a witness or? also, with regards to the interview were they keen to know your potential aspirations within the company or very much ‘give me an example where you have met people from diverse backgrounds?’

where did you take your assessment?

thank you in advance, you have been very helpful


Did anyone apply for the trainee investigator roles that closed in early March? I had an email almost 5 weeks ago saying I had been shortlisted for a telephone interview but nothing since. They did say to expect a wait but recent posts on here suggest I might be missing something?!!


I am in the same position as you! I emailed them thinking that i had maybe missed an email or something. They got back to me the other day and said;

“we are still in the process of completing the current round of interviews due to the high number of applications we have received.
We appreciate that you have been waiting for an update and we appreciate your patience. Unfortunately we are unable to give a concrete timeframe at this stage.
We will update you in due course.”

So I think we should just keep waiting patiently!


Lucky you! I got this:
"Thank you again for your interest in the Trainee Investigator opportunities with the IPCC. While you were successful at the application screening stage, unfortunately, due to the high volume of applications that were received, we are unable to progress your application any further, on this occasion.

We appreciate the effort you have made preparing your application, and understand that this will be disappointing news. Should we require more Trainee Investigators within the next six months, your application from this campaign will stand and you will be invited to the first stage of selection without being required to submit a new application.

If you still wish to be considered, we will keep your application for the next six months and contact you, should further opportunities become available."



Anyone still waiting to hear back from the assessment centre? Got an email saying it wont be till after the 5th May. I had my assessment centre at the start of April!


Hi, did you email them first? I havent heard back from them since i had the asssssment towards the end of april. I was told we’d hear at the start of may


No, my assessment was at the very start of April so they emailed me a week and a half later telling me to wait until after the 5th of May!