InBev Assessment Centre


Is there anybody go to Inbev Assessment Centre before? I will go on next couple of weeks? does anyone have some tips about it? what the interview questions look like? Thanks


Hi! I strongly hope so… need to pass the abstract reasoning test first. any advise? good luck for now and thanks


I passed the abstract reasoning before they give me the inventation to go for AC… they told me there will be a numerical test on the day of AC


you find the abstract reasoning test on wikijobs…not too hard, you can prepare by some sample questions. good luck


thank u! the one u have to pay for? mmh I’m new in here, need to spend some time in it ;O)


no, you can find just try the abstract reasoning free test by using google. normally this test is about give you several objects and you have to guess which the last one should look like. it not always about the shape of sequency may be also involed colour… quite hard to explain.


There’s good practice tests here - [ practice tests] - have a look!


I am going for their assessment centre (group exercise + an interview if you get through the group exercise) on 29th Jan. Anyone done it before?



I was in their AC last year, in local&regional. In locas as zou already know you have a group disscusion-case study. It lasts about two hours, you are a member of the board of directors, and you hyve to decide with other candidates which product you are going to produce. Be freindly, state your opinion clearly, and try to act as the other candidates are your team, not competitors. Interwiev is with two people-one from InBev, itdoesnt have to be somebody frm HR ( Mine was with sales director) and somebody from recruiting agency, and basicaly it depends upon your CV-if you have a work experience, they will focus on it, and you will have to have a good example for everything youre saying, they will ask about your biggest acheivements, what do you expect from the program, why to pick you…

In regional AC we a businesss game, and presentation part-zou are new CEO and you have to explain your strategy for comming year, decide about products, you policy about social responcibility…but as you probably know, the worst part is panel intrview…Good luck!


Thank you~So basically there are two AC in the process, right? I should focus on the team work as well as support my own points. Is that correct?


guys, I am still waiting my abstract reasoning test result… how lond did u wait for it?


as i remembered, it takes 4days?


Yes, youre right. But pay attention on everything you say or do, couse they are judging you all the time, not only during formal assessment. Try to learn as much as you can about the program, corporate culture, company and use it! good luck!


Thanx for these informations. Now I am more curiouse than before:) I have got AC in two weeks in Czech, so it will be good experience even I will not be successful. So I understood that you were not successfull in panel interview, were you?


Hi there,

so at the AC u get a group excersice with a case study and a role play. Any idea how to prepare for it?

Thanks a lot



I have an appointment to the InBeV’s first asessment day … Is there anybody from Central & Eastern Europe who can explaine me about details?



Hello there,

Would you please tell me how the first assesment day was. Any details? How you performed? Anything that might helpful for other applicants.



Hey does anyone knows anything about assessment days in AB InBev ??I will have one in a month…Can you help me?


Hi there, did you have one? I’d love to know more! :slight_smile: