In My Final Year - Shall I apply for an internship


I really want a job in IB, I know I can do it and succeed but the problem is convincing employers that I can. I have no experience in banking - I regret not applying for an internship big time. So shall I apply for one now instead of a graduate position? I feel I have a better chance of securing an internship than a graduate job.

I was at a BarCap event a few weeks ago, and one of the senior IB’s there did say it’s all about internships - they go a long away, indeed I poised this very question to him, and he refused to answer it stating that it’s my decision.

If I do apply for an internship though and, touch wood, I get one - it is still a big risk. If I am not invited to join i September 2011 and either forgotten about or invited to join in September 2012, I will have a year of doing nothing.

I am in a bit of a pickle lol

Shall I mix it up? Apply for some grad jobs and some internships?