In-House Media



Can anyone reccommend any good media buisnesses with an in-house legal team? I.e Time Warner



MTV, BBC, Reuters, Bloomberg, …Endemol (possibly), Chrysalis…


Thanks, I will start looking over their websites


Has anyone ever got a job through an agency before? They dont seem very helpful but have all the names of firms


…a recruitment consultancy? I used to work for one, although it wasn’t legal.

Use recruitment consultancies at your own risk. If they’re not being helpful it’s probably because they haven’t got any clients right now that need someone like you (they call the jobs they try to fill “job orders”). Consultants are often off-hand with candidates if:

-they are currently getting a lot of CV’s from candidates just like you, but they need candidates with further skills of some kind… or…
-they don’t have many job orders, but don’t want you to know this in case they do get something which you would be suitable for…

Right now I’m guessing there aren’t a lot of jobs on agencies’ books. The credit crunch means that less law firms will be recruiting, and a lot less will be using expensive recruitment consultancies. You’re probably better off applying to firms yourself directly - making speculative applications. This is actually what recruitment consultancies would do anyway, and in many ways it’s better if you just do it yourself.

The fact that consultancies have lots of big name law firms on their website, or talk about lots of big name law firms they recruit for on the phone is pretty much meaningless. Recruitment consultancies who may have sent one person for interview ten years ago at Slaugher and May can tell you they “recruit for Slaughter and May” - they’re not lying, but at the same time it’s not exactly true! Recruitment consultancies bang big company names around to impress candidates in your position. It’s a bit like really minor celebrities on TV talking about their big name celebrity friends. It makes them sound a lot cooler to have famous friends - even though they’ve probably only met these people at parties for a few minutes…

Having said of this, consultancies can help you to get interviews and help you to get offers. They can certainly be helpful if they are currently recruiting for jobs that you want and you may get a very good job as a result of using one - you just have to keep your consultants under control, by being very clear what you are looking for and what you want. They’ll also push for you to get the best salary available (their commission is a percentage of your first year salary) and are much better placed to negotiate salaries than candidates are, so in some ways they can be highly useful.

Definitely use them if you can, but always research the companies they put you forward for and make sure you have the final say when it comes to going to interviews/accepting and keep a close eye on where they are sending your CV. Make sure you tell them that you’d appreciate it if they asked your permission before sending your CV anywhere. This should hopefully prevent them spam sending your CV to everyone on their books in the hope of picking up an interview for you - it isn’t good for you if they use your CV this way.

Proceed with caution!..

Hope this answers your question… let me know if you have any further questions about recruitment consultants!



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Cheers, I will have a look and see which ones look decent


I’m having no luck here and I’m losing it, no-one will give anyone without previous experience a chance…I’m losing count of my applications now and all I have are no’sssssssssssssssssssss to show for it. I have tried both in-house and media firms, does anyone know of any other in-house companies?

I’ve got loads of paralegal experience, just not in media, but I’m only 24 so I’m not exactly too old to change areas!


What is your experience in? Do you only want to work in conjunction with media? …maybe you could find a firm or in-house that is likned to media but would also find your experience useful.



I have litigation experience but no media experience.

It is hard to locate companies with an in-house legal department, aprt from teh obvious BBC etc…I could perhaps combine litigation and media but it is finding a firm who needs someone and who doesnt mind someone without any prior experience


There are a lot of specialist media law firms, such as those that work on behalf of artists for dealing with record labels. I have a friend who is a paralegal at one of these firms- I can find out the name for you if you’re interested?


It’s called Edge!


brill thank you


Do you have their website? There are quite a few under that name…


I think I must have sent out about 30 applications now and not a darn thing, I’m running out of places to apply to and recrutiment agencies have been completely unhelpful. Is there anyway to obtain a list of in house media firms any where?

I have had good comments about my CV and letter etc, but no offers


Is it possible that these firms specifically, just aren’t recruiting for paralegals right now?

Don’t have a list of media firms, but if you tell me where you’ve applied already I can try to come up with some others for you…


Here are some of the places I have applied to:

News International
Associated Newspapers
Universal Music
Sony BMG
News of the World group
Princess TV
Tartan Films
DNA Film
My Space
Liberty Film Productions
Talkback THAMES
Target TV

And the list goes on…


30 to 40 Applications later and still nothing. I think I am coming to the end of my tether!!

I dont know what else to do other than keep sending out leters, I knew this would take a while but this crazy, not a single thing apart from NO. Everyone says you must have experience, but how can I get experience without that opporunity?!