Imperial College Business School MSc Economics and Strategy for Business


Imperial has a number of MSc programs. They just launched MSc in Economics and Business Srategy.
Also have Entrepreneurship, Health Management, Marketing.
Does anyone know about these programs and job prospects?
I’m not a finance head, want to get into a management training program at a multinational if I’m VERY lucky…!


ICL is indeed a highly thought of college of London University and any degree that you will obtain from this Red Brick university will be of value in the work place. However whether it will be of value in a management training course is a matter which is open to debate. Each management training scheme has its own templates and there may be a nominated course of study prescribed by the employer.
As for the degree that you are highlighting there would in my view be immense value in this in a business setting but the value will be enhanced by the preceding study you have undertaken. Economics is a broad subject and covers many different topics so I have some reservations that unless this has been covered, at least in part before, as in say PPE, that full value for this element of the degree will be obtained. As for strategy for business I think this is very sound. Many people will not even have the slightest concept as to how to prepare a business plan, how to understand the essence of a marketing plan or what an executive summary is. I think that the combination of the subjects has value, will allow you to take benefit form any management scheme and will set you up well for the future.
As for the other degrees the interesting one is entreprenuership which has a very distinct place in today’s business environment. Self employment is a path that many are now pursuing and that has a direct relationship to this degree.


I am studying the MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management at Imperial, if you want any particular details you can send me a msg


Hi! Do you know exactly what type of Management? Are there any particular industries that interest you. For instance Imperial has an international health management MSc which is focused on heathcare, health policy, health economics and students on it have signed up because they want to work in healthcare organizations. If you’re thinking general management then you can apply for the MSc Management or the MBA if you meet the entry requirements.