I'm so nervous! Anyone been to an interview with Boots Nottingham Office?


Having been to several interviews and assessment days in the pass couple months I thought I was going to be less nervous as the experience build up, but for some reason I am just as nervous but at the same time I really do want this to be the last interview so I was

wondering if any of you have been to an assessment with Boots? What sort of questions did they ask in the competency interview and what was the case study about? Share some thoughts, shed some light with your fellow nervous job hunter please. :slight_smile: Ciao


hey Dancing Machine

Chill man., take it easy and realx on this one.
when is your interview ?>
is 15th/16th June 09 ?? thats this monday ??

lemme kno… if u need some help


they will be asking questions based on

  1. time keeping
  2. LEadership
  3. team work

mostly on these line, liek they all do

and they will be having 2-3 activities on tuesday- the general GD and stuff
dont worryu, am sure u will nail this one !


Thanks Get the job, I guess I’m just a bit stressed out these days but I’ll try keep my head up. It sounds like they ask normal sort of competency based questions, which I hate to bits, last interview I had I swear they asked for no less than 15 specific examples, it was horrible even just thinking back about it. I hope its not as demanding with Boots, I’ll definitely give it a good shot. Are you working for them atm?


Whats your number ., we wil have a chat !!!

have u applied for RB or BOOTS ? what kind of role ?