Im going to study ACA without A levels!


Ok so long story short, I do not have any A levels… I have average AS levels in English Maths, Science, Geography

But I am going to be doing my ACA qualification through a smallish(less than 20 employees) Firm by first doing cFAB through the ICAEW (which comprises of the first 6 modules of the ACA) and then once I get that I can automatically continue the rest of the ACA.

Here’s the question, should anyone care to advise me:

How vast and difficult is the content? I have done a fair amount of research and it certainly sounds tough, but can anyone be a bit more specific with regard to what content I will be expected to learn and commit to memory? I consider myself to be reasonably intelligent, but am doubting my ability to memorise the content of a dictionary sized module word~for~word…

Any advise would be most welcome, I am due to start pretty soon and not sure what I’m in for… and how much time I will have to put into studying alongside a full time job.

Many thanks


If I dont get any replies, I will assume EVERYONE is busy studying… lol