If you initially accept an offer can you change your mind?


Hey guys I was just wondering as some of my interviews are all spread out if I was to initially accept an offer from a accountancy company and then decide I would rather take a different one can I easily opt out of the one I first accepted?


Short answer is yes just call up and explain politely that circumstances have changed and leave it at that.


I just had to do this last week, it’s awkward and not very nice, but I had signed a contract then got an offer for CA.

I phoned and explained that I have been doubting my suitability in light of getting the CA offer (the other role was a diff qualification and I did want to do it, but when CA came up I really felt that was better for me at this point)

I just explained this to the HR member and then put it in an email and that was fine apparently.

They know this kind of thing happens all the time, and let’s face it, firms can just fill the spot in 2 secs with the amount of grads out there just now!

all the best


How spread out are your interviews? If they’re not more than a couple of months apart you could also just call up the original company and ask when they need a decision by. If you explain that you are waiting to hear from some other job interviews most companies (in my experience) won’t force you to make a decision on their job offer immediately.


The thing is the first company wants me to accept before Christmas and my next interview is not until January. I think am going to initially accept the first offer try for the others and if I prefer them try and get out of the first but am not sure what my first choice would be.


Hey guys I actually have to do this phone call has anybody got any advice as to what to say?


I assume from your post in the other thread about EY and GT that you are going to be calling up Ernst and Young because you want to accept Grant Thornton’s offer instead?

Firstly, congratulations on the offers, despite being given offers by PwC and Deloitte in the end, I was rejected at first interview by GT.

Secondly, as Chris said before, E&Y are not going to be short of graduates looking for jobs and so you’re probably doing somebody else a favour. I would call them and ask if it’s at all possible to get out of the employment contract that you’ve signed as you have been offered a job at another company that you feel more comfortable with and that will suit you more. To be honest, I doubt they’d force you to stay with them if they don’t think you’re going to be completely committed. Also, if you were to mention that the other job is from GT, I think they’d understand as some people prefer the Big 4 and some people prefer the mid-tier. If you prefer the mid-tier then you’re probably not going to be all that happy with E&Y and that is understandable.

Hope that helps


Thats great thanks will be making the call 2mara. Congrats on your offers as well!


“Firstly, congratulations on the offers, despite being given offers by PwC and Deloitte in the end, I was rejected at first interview by GT.” Yeah it is strange how some people do really well with the big4 but smaller firms don’t care - maybe they can sense you are more interested/likely to accept big4


Guys thank you. I was able to get out of the E&Y contract very easily and the girl was really nice which shows they are a good company it was just I feel am more suited to GT and the location as well. Also for anyone who reads this all the information posted is more than enough to gain a job. I really don’t have much to add to them just except that you should try and be yourself and let your personality shine through I did this more this year than last and received 2 offers and have another 2 interviews which I am declining. Good luck to everyone!