If I leave my training contract early will it be hard to get another job?


I’m really struggling to fit in at my current employer, but if I leave only as a PQ, will it effect my chances of becoming employed elsewhere?


I shouldnt think so. There are loads of PQ jobs elsewhere. How long left until you’re qualified?


About a year. Where can I find PQ jobs that are currently on offer? Can you help?


I would say that it depends on whether you are serving articles or not. If you are attempting to become a Chartered Accountant then I would recommend that you remain with your current employer.
If your training contract is for another professional qualification then I believe that you should be able to terminate your contract without it affecting your future career.
If you are struggling to fit in with your current empoloyer, it might be worth reviewing whether you have made the correct career choice. Do you have a problem with the employer or the job itself?