Ideas on Total E&P UK Assessment Center (Engineering)



Pls i urgently need help concerning my Total E&P assessment center. Has any one attended this before? What is the format? Particularly, the group exercises.

The recruitment and selection is been organized by The Urquhart Partnership, if any one has attended any of their assessment centers can pls supply their own experience.

Many Thanks


when were u invited? do you have an idea of how many people were invited? what role did u apply for? I applied also but no news yet


I applied in December. Pls any one with advise?


hello seannyme,

I have got an assessment centre on 8 - 9 Maarch as well. I was wondering if you managed to find something relating to the assessment centre?

I looked for 16 personality feature which is relating to the questionnaire. not sure about the actual day itself. I will still search for it tho and will let u know too.


I had an assessment centre for Total, but it was for there Total Summer School, there were no prior interviews and it was held in their Watford office.

• Firstly all six of us were brought together where we found out a lot more about Total in general and what we had to do on the scheme.

• Then I had an interview with two ladies, who were definitely not in HR but did not seem to be that high up. The interview was pretty simple and they just asked me competency questions.

• Then we had a thirty minute break where we had to fill in an application form, this was asking us question like why we wanted to do the scheme, and why we felt we would be good for the scheme, this surprised me as we could not use spell check, however is was undertaken in a very relax manner.

• Finally we had a group discussion where we were split into two groups and with newspapers and celotape we had to create a jungle animal. This was fun but I think they were trying to see how we worked together. Then we had to give a short presentation on why we choose to make a certain animal.

• Then we said out goodbyes and went home, the ac was enjoyable and finished at about 2.00pm.


Please I have a TOTAL E&P assessment centre in Aberdeen for a process engineering role in one week time and I was wondering if someone could help me.


Hi Liberwomen,

How was ur assessment day,can you please tell me about your experience I am also going to attend their assessment centre towards end of feb but not for process engineering role,so your comments will be very helpful for me.




My assessment is set to the same date as yours. Have you applied for engineering scheme? I applied for Electrical and now I am trying to find some reference material but without luck. Possibly it will be related to the questions given at telephone interview … But I cant imagine doing tests for 8 hours so I think there will be HR stuff too. Any info highly appreciated…

regards and good luck!


Let me know if u still need help. Sorry I did not check this website since the A/c


Hello there liberwoman. I too have an assesment day there soon for a similair role as yourself and i was wondering if you could share your experience as panic is quickly setting in! Thanks


Hello All,

I have a pre -interview for Total EP, UK for graduate (Subsea+drilling). I was told this is before the assessment center. Can someone tell me what to expect in this interview session?



My Total pre-interview was in Electrical. Expect general questions. I recommend going through all technical basics. When it comes to Subsea and drilling I would imagine should be about subsea installation architecture (make sure you will revise all subsea components names and their function). Go through stuff such as pressure at certain water depth and how the system works (in overview). Make sure how the drilling process works. There might be a general HR question at the end. Just make sure that you know what drilling and subsea eng is all about.

good luck!


Hi Spart,

I too have a pre-interview for Graduate Instrument engineer role. Can you please tell me what type of things to expect, especially the competency questions??


hello spart is it d one you applied for on total website uk with urquhart partnership. i also applied for d instrument role and i have not heard anytin.


Hi Kareena,

I also applied to Total E&P UK Instrument Eng role. Have you done the pre-interview? What were the questions?

Heskeyboy, have you heard abt ur application yet? I havnt heard abt mine. I think the next stage should be telephonic interview.


I havent either @topgraduate. you should ask kareena


I attended the assessment centre in 2011. Its not that tough,you have basic mathematic questions you will not be allowed to use calculators. So practise with hands on calculation. Group excercise will be a bit tough,you have less time and a lot to read and understand. To be honest whatever you do at the end they give the result as per their choice. I did best in almost everything. At the end feed back was quiet surprising. Even in the comments they appreciated me. They said techinically I am very good. One ba remark in any one of the thing and you are out which was not fair in my opinion.


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