ICAP's most profitable desk


Does anyone know which desk is the most profitable at ICAP? Say oil brokers vs fx option brokers?? Thanks


I think its currency broking, euro - dollar.


If you mean most profitable for ICAP, then the rates desk makes the most rev for ICAP (39%)…if you mean which desks charge biggest broking fees then its the least vanilla, most complex deals. For example, FX brokerage fees are rubbish becuase the market is so liquid and spreads have been driven down.


@ Brer … hey that’s interesting to know. What desk do you think will be the most profitable (for the Broker) in the coming years, not just at ICAP but in general i.e. Where do you think the future is with IDB’s? I know that there are some drastic changes coming with the impending regulations on Credit Derivatives and there was a swing to cash products last year, and there is increasingly a shift to electronic broking. But what desks are traditionally the best to make money on as a broker and which ones will be the most successful over the next 5-10 years? I’m just starting out and trying to work out which products I want to work with, although it’s fairly limited in New Zealand and Australia where I live :frowning:

Oh and does anyone know of any IDB’s besides the big players: ICAP, BGC, TULLEY PREBON, GFI and TRADITION. Does anyone know of any smaller IDB’s like CREDITEX and PHOENIX?

If anyone has any tips and wants to share them that would be amazing!