ICAP - Risk Management - URGENT plz!


hi guys
iam going to have a telephone interview with ICAP tomorrow for Risk Management. i just have been notified today.
any one has any tips or idea for Risk dep?please gelp!!!
what types of question will they ask? i saw other thread but it is not for Risk dep. do they focus more on commercial awareness or competency questions?

comments are welcomed!


hi sorry, i have not checked it for a few days.
Standard questions:

Why risk?
Tell me a time when u were working with a challenging person?
How do you deal with numbers and data?
About your work-experience (internship if u have)?

It depends very much on how u react.
Pretty short as it was described by other pp. only about 10-15 min.

good luck :smiley:


@ illy

Could you please post your experience with ICAP telephone interview here.


Could anyone tell me what questiones will be asked in risk managment telephone interview?Is there any technical questions in interview?
I will have one. Thank you so much indeed.


questions in the exact order. I guess you’ll talk to Sarah. will last some 20 mins, will get back to you in a bunch of hours, via e-mail.
oh, btw, I doubt they are actually recruiting.
you’ll make it easily to the assessment centre. if you wanna know more on that feel free to ask.

  1. how do you know ICAP?
  2. why icap attracts u?
  3. why risk ?
  4. why do you think you r qualified for this position?
  5. Icap’s competitors? Tullet prebon (stockprice is lower, narrower scope in global reach, although opening new OTC deviratives desk in Japan, in an open suite against 10 broker and BCG for driving talent away), GFI (US) – leader in credit derivatives trading, Tradition (French-Swiss) – with which ICAP started a joint venture on currency option that won an award for best inter-deal broker for the product category- and BGC partners (spun off from Cantor Fitzgerald (US) in 2004). BGC don’t offer post-trade services, and product line is not as varied as ICAP. Turnover of al competitors is much lower, as it is their market share and scope.
    o Tullet and GFI announced (and withdrew) intentions to combine businesses → i.e. individually they are not able to stand ICAPs compatition, but SCRAPPED them in 2008.
    o Tullet bought Convencao S/A Corretora de Valores e Cambio (Convencao), one of the interdealer brokers in Brazil
  6. Icap share price: (remember to mention plummet after announcement of Spencer’s sale of 3.3bn£ worth of shares and Obama-Vocker announcement on proprietary trading ban)
  7. Tell me a time when you work under deadlines?
    8.tell me a time when you work with a challenging person?

Is anyone attending Risk AC on 2 December?


my post is months late, but i recently had my AC for Risk Management at ICAP (there were also candidates for accounting, research etc.)
The day started with a couple of SHL tests, one numerical test, one verbal. Did quite badly on the verbal as i ran out of time.
Followed by this was the group exercise- we were 10 people, so 2 groups of 5 each. we were given the profile for a fictional asset& securities company, an ICAP annual report and then asked to analyse and present our recos on whether ICAP should buy this company or not. Only one grad recruiter evaluated this exercise. we were given 20 mins to research and discuss and then about 5 mins to present.
finally, there was a personal interview with one grad recuiter and one grad scheme employee (from the same division as you’d applied to, risk for me). general interview comprising career aspirations, why ICAP, asked about different risk profiles for ICAP, then told me that they’d get back to me in a week. if selected, there will be a final interview which will be technical with some senior employees at ICAP. waiting nervously to hear back from them.
hope this helps! feel free to prod and poke for more questions!!


Hi, does anyone what questions came up in the telephone interview for risk? I’ve got mine on wednesday.



Hi, what was your telephone interview like?


Hey can you tell me how your interview went. Hard/ easy. What kind of questions they asked. Will be much appreciated. Thanks


I have an assessment centre coming up for Risk in late January. Has anyone had any experience of this before? I was told there is a presentation and would be grateful if somebody could let me know about its format. I have info about RBS and pwc assessment centres if anyone is interested.


was it today or will you do the one on Thursday 26th? did you managed to get some info about group task? also Im not sure if they include verbal reasoning.


Hey Azarskis, it was on the 24th yeah. It wasn’t a good experience, the recruiters didn’t seem too friendly and were unprofessional- at one point during groupwork they were playing with their iphones! The interview lasted about 5-10 minutes for all of us, and they didn’t go into too much detail about the role (and didn’t even take any notes!). I got the rejection letter about 2 minutes after I left the building so perhaps they’ve hired enough people for risk this year.

Anyway, yes there will be verbal reasoning and numerical (both standard SHL), for groupwork you have 20 minutes to read ICAP’s financial report (big book) and they will give you some financial statements of another brokerage company, where your group must decide whether to purchase it. There will be a different mix of people in your group, as not everybody will be applying for the same division, so bear that in mind. Any more questions about groupwork pm me, I’ll see what I can do to help.

All the best dude!


Hi everyone,

does anyone else have an assessment centre coming thursday? I got one for Risk…


Hey! Thank you for your comments.

Is the group exercise concerned with analysing ratio’s to determine whether to buy the company or not? OR are they looking for us to do something else?


hi i have an a/c for the human resources division on the 23rd, does anyone have any tips??


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