ICAP final round accounting



Has anyone been to the final round for accounting at ICAP?

They don’t have much information on their website about the process. I would greatly appreciate it if someone who has been through the process can shed some light on this! thanks!


Hi friendlysam,

I suppose you have already been invited to the final round interview then? I went through AC about a month ago but they havent come back to me yet so I assume that they want to interview you first before making the decision…

Well it will be 2 panel interviews which involve both technical and competency questions which should be fairly straightforward and short.


Hi markduong,

Thanks for the information. Yeah I was invited to the panel interview a few days after my assessment centre.

I don’t think it will be only me going to the final round, they must have quite a few people on the day going through.

I tried to find out more about the process on their website but couldn’t find anything. Good luck with your ICAP and other apps!


Hi friendlysam,

I applied for Business Services summer internship. My assessment centre is on 16th March which is extremely late. I highly doubt that all positions will be filled up by that time.

It would be great if you could share your experience at the assessment centre. I suppose the assessment centre for accounting and business services are of the same format.

Thank you.



I have my AC on 15th March 2011 for the accounting division. It’s very late so I hope it’s one of the last ones they do. At least I should know if they want me fairly quickly…

Could you share your experiences/tasks on your ACs?

Is anyone on here attending the same one as me? :wink:




I have an assesment centre on 15th of March as well… for accounting division.starts at 9.30!!!


I have an assessment centre on 25 March for accounting. However, on the communication centre page I have the message: “Thank you for applying to our Graduate Program. We are pleased to inform you that your application has been passed to the final stage of our recruitment process.”

Does this mean that given how late it is in the process, there will be no final interview after the AC? Or is this the normal message, even for those who applied earlier, and I would still have to go through a final interview if I pass the AC?


it’s going to be another interview after the assessment centre


hi, could you share with us sth about the AC process? just the numeric test, group work and interview? are there anything else, I am going to have my ac for accounting next week~~~thank you very much


hi, I am having my ac next week, could u share some experience of ur AC? Thanks a lot~~~~


Sorry guys for going a bit of track here…but I need some help and I haven’t had any replies…


I’m in need of some honest advice…

I’m 27yrs Old with a degree in BEng Electronics and Communications Engineering. I have trained with the Army as a Officer Cadet but decide against RMA Sandhurst.

I have worked in Market research for the past 2yrs. I have got loads of work experience and I’m pretty active in extra-curricular activities.e.g students’ union, rugby, etc.

I’m looking to work in the finance industry and will start my MSc in Finance @ BPP or @ London Metropolitan come Sept 2011. Have offers for both…

So what are my chances, given the fact I’m not getting any younger…hopefully that wouldn’t be a factor… and the fact I haven’t attended an Ivy league or top business school?..

Looking forward to replies… they would be much appreciated.

Many thanks



Could anyone who has been to the final round for accounting elaborate on what sort of questions are asked? I have mine coming up, but there is precious little information out there about it. How technical might it get?