ICAP Accounting assessment centre


Hi I’ve got my assessment centre on the 25th of March for accoutning at ICAP. Anyone been to one yet? I’d appreciate any info on what goes in one


my post is months late, but i recently had my AC for Risk Management at ICAP (there were also candidates for accounting, research etc.)
The day started with a couple of SHL tests, one numerical test, one verbal. Did quite badly on the verbal as i ran out of time.
Followed by this was the group exercise- we were 10 people, so 2 groups of 5 each. we were given the profile for a fictional asset& securities company, an ICAP annual report and then asked to analyse and present our recos on whether ICAP should buy this company or not. Only one grad recruiter evaluated this exercise. we were given 20 mins to research and discuss and then about 5 mins to present.
finally, there was a personal interview with one grad recuiter and one grad scheme employee (from the same division as you’d applied to, risk for me). general interview comprising career aspirations, why ICAP, asked about different risk profiles for ICAP, then told me that they’d get back to me in a week. if selected, there will be a final interview which will be technical with some senior employees at ICAP. waiting nervously to hear back from them.
hope this helps! feel free to prod and poke for more questions!!


hi riskmanager,

did they mentioned about verbal test before the AC? cause to me they only said:
The Assessment Centre will consist of a number of
exercises including a panel interview, Group Exercise
and numerical test.

a bit confused now…