ICAP 2010 GRADUATE APPLICATIONS - App, Tel Interview, AC & Final Round


Everybody who has any experience with any of the ICAP graduate recruitment stages, please post here!


I have my voice broking grad role AC coming up on the 24th…Anyone had an AC yet this year? My email mentioned numerical test, group exercise and panel interview. Does anyone know if the trading sim / verbal test are still in?

In terms of Telephone interview - herd back within 24 hours. Purely competancy…Why ICAP? rivals? share price? What have you picked up from balance sheet? A couple of competency questions I can’t remember…

Any feedback on AC much appreciated! I am happy to answer any questions about tel interview…


My telephone interview included:

what is the FTSE 100 trading at
name 3 indices worldwide excluding FTSE
what is half of 99
how is a bond price affected if interest rates rise
describe the broking process
what is a bid/ask spread

including those mentioned by Drizzy.

as you can see none of these are competency questions, but there are some:

describe a time when you were entrepreneurial
describe a time when you have worked with uncooperative people


Good luck for the AC guys, anything else for the telephone interview that I can prepare for? I would appreciate if you put down the process of AC once you done as well, as there aint much info, all the best and sorry I cant be of much help at this moment in time


SpongeBob’s post jogged my memory slightly. I was also asked what 1/16 is as a fraction? what is the bid / ask spread? and what has been your toughest sale?

The lady interviewing seemed to really like the fact that I had worked in a commission based role, so if you have done so try and milk it!


I applied for the Internship programme one Monday and got invited to the interview today!

Super-fast response!


congratulations. but as you can see, bennjerry, this thread is for grad applicants, so i doubt anyone here really cares.


lol a bit harsh sponge?


Hi guys,

I applied for the graduate electronic broking position at the beginning of this month.

How long did it take for you guys to hear back from ICAP after applying?

Thanks in advance


@graigrice88 it took them 1day to get back to me, but that doent mean anything, just be patient!


It took about 2 weeks for me, I wouldnt worry about it yet though. If you applied this month they might be waiting for all the apps to come in before the closing date (on the 28th?? i think?) before screening them.


Well Sponge…
Firstly, I never wrote the above comment to get your opinion on it let alone care about it.

Secondly, the simple thing I mentioned was the time they took to get back to me which applies to both, grads and interns.

Thirdly, congratulations on having got the interview yourself.


Anyone done the AC yet? Got mine on Monday! Want to know if there’s a verbal test or trading test…email doesn’t mention it but past years have had it!


@Stanmoor…I was wondering exactly the same thing! When is yours? Mines on 24th…

(EDIT: Just realised you said yours was on Monday! Any feedback on whether trading sim / verbal test are included would be much appreciated!)


It’s this coming Monday…i’ll post when I get back :wink:


Hello every1,

I also have an AC on the 24th. There not much information on what to expect. I

think that the numerical test will be like those on investment bank applications online. No idea what the group work will be. The panel interview should be a mix of competency/ personality / suitability, think there’ll be two interviews and should last about 45mins.

What are people doing to prepare? I work 55hrs a week so the only time I really have is tomorrow, Im going to really research all ICAPs sectors and prepare why VB.


Cheers stanmoor, appreciate it!


Hey Drizzy,

Had that last year. Basically the simulator will throw you out figures and you have to convert exchange rate and data on to a page given out. It is like a sims version of bloomberg and given 30seconds a question but loads of time.

As for numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning, its all from SHL. Know how to do sudoku too. Let me know how it goes



Hi guys, could you let me know what the assessment centres like. What kind of numerical (shl or kenexa), what the group exercise consisted of. how the interviews went and what they asked.




Hey, had my ac today. Day consists of (for interns):

  1. Trading game
  2. Shl maths test
  3. Group exercise game
  4. Panel interview

I found the shl hard as it’s not in a similar style to the online version. Also, the interview i got nervous for so think i ballsed it up. She said you will either get rejected, made an offer, or get asked to come back. Probably the first one for me!