I have done ACCA and applying for membership. I want to do ICAEW because of more acceptability and ability to start up a practice in Pakistan which an ACCA cannot do (in Pakistan).
I have worked with a firm of accountants in London for last 2 years who were ICAEW registered and currently working for another firm who have given me option to get ICAEW contract.
I want to ask how long will be my contract. I know it says minimum of 24 months but is there any way to get some credit of the previous work i have done?
The previous firm did not used to train aca but was registered frim.


I think you can get 12months before signing up but only if it was in a registered training firm


i am acca student and have passed 7 papers my aim is to do aca ,but the problem is no firm is willing to give experience in the industry.any piece of advice what to do???one more thing i am studying in uk as international student…