IBM UK Graduate Software Developer 2017



I passed my assessment centre on the 2nd feb in Hursley, but haven’t heard anything back since so still in the matching process.

Is anyone else in the same position? Have you heard back or received an offer yet?


Hi i’m in the same position as you, I passed my assessment centre end of January and am still in the matching process! hopefully we will hear something soon!


Hello, have you heard anything back yet? I’m still waiting…


Hiya, no - still haven’t heard anything… from what I’ve read there seems to be a lot of grads for software development that haven’t been matched yet


Ah ok, it’s reassuring to know that it seems they haven’t started actually doing it yet. Are you still planning on taking this job if/when it’s offered? The wait makes it hard not to look elsewhere


you know I have no idea what to do… I actually applied in November so this whole process has been a very long time. But also, the email they sent me about the matching process says that i’m not even guaranteed a job… I only recently started applying to other places. Do you know what you will do next - are you going to apply elsewhere?


I’ve had another interview recently, but IBM is still my top choice. I’m still confident we will hear something soon, it does seem like no software grads have heard anything back yet so and from what I’ve heard getting into the matching does mean almost certainly you will get an offer. But having other options definitely won’t hurt at all


Hello just wondering if you had heard anything recently?


Nope not yet, I did e-mail for an update and they said matching is still in process and hopefully in next few weeks they will let us know the outcome.