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Hi Boys and Girls!
There is a bewildering array of things on here about IBM assessment days!

I’ll get to the point…

I have an assessment day on the 4th of August for the position of Technology Consultant; can anyone enlighten me as to the format of the day? What goes on there etc?

Another thing, I’ve got to travel down there from Manchester but I’ve been given a morning session, are there afternoon ones do you know?

Thanks for all/any replies!

Davey =]


Hi DaveyBoy!

I applied for the same role. I’ve passed the IPATO test!! They said that I’d shortly be invited for the next stage of the process.

Have you attended to the First Round Selection day? If you had, could you please tell me a bit of your experience?

Also I was wondering if you could you probably tell me how long did they take to invite you to the assessment after you had received the email confirming that you were successful in the IPATO test?

Congratulations for getting the place for the assessment. Good luck and I hope to hear from you soon!


Hello Johis and Daveyboyson!

Well done on getting so far with the IBM application!

I’ve also applied for Technology Consultant, but I submitted it 2 weeks ago and still haven’t heard anything. How long did they take to get back to you two after you initially applied please?

The application status is still ‘under review’ so I guess I might be being impatient, but I’ve had a pretty speedy response from all other companies.

Good luck in your assessments!


Thanks Guys!

Not been down for the day yet but I’ve got it next Thursday, so I’ll let you know how it goes/what the dealio is…

The invite to the day after the IPAT took about 4 days, but the Invite to sit the IPAT itself was 3 weeks after I applied. Hope this helps!

Have you guys had any luck getting anymore info on what goes on at the assessment day yet?

Best Wishes



Hi guys,

I have got a mail Stating that I have cleared the IPAT test. Still waiting for the date for the first round interview.

All the best Davey…Good luck!!!


same here. Its been a week since I received their email saying they’ll be in touch shortly. Nothing yet. Keeping my fingers crossed. When did you get your reply viva?


Hey Guys!!

Many thanks for all of your answers!

And good luck Daveyboyson on your assessment this week!

I got the email about 10 days ago…Nothing yet as well.

I email them to follow up and they said that they have a huge amount of graduates and that I’ll be invited for the next available soon…

So fingers crossed… we’ll all going to be invited soon!

I’ll stay in touch when I have news!


Hey everyone :slight_smile:

I applied on the 15th of July (Friday). Got a response on 19th of July (Tuesday) inviting me to IPAT online test. Took then test on the 24th (Sunday) and was told I passed on 26th (Tuesday). Haven’t heard anything since…I’m guessing most of us are in the same boat and will be meeting soon at the next First Round Selection day :slight_smile: Good luck!


Hi everyone, I just got an email through inviting me for selection day on 5 Sept 2011 at the Portsmouth office…I applied for Technology Consultant - anybody got this date?

If any of you go through selection day in next 3 weeks , I would appreciate (and am sure many others :slight_smile: ) if you could post your experience.

Good luck DaveyBoyson.


Hi sweetlime, I also got an email this morning inviting me to go in on the 6th of September at 9am. I guess they’ve got 2 in a row? (5/6th).

Either way, I’m travelling to Portsmouth on my birthday! (5th September)


Hi all,

I have the Selection day on the 4th of August and I was hoping if someone could shed light on the group-related activities that take place on the day.

Thanks & regards,



Hi Zibi234,

I just checked my email, my invite is for 6th Sept! (5 is a Sunday, Lol)…I will be arriving into Portsmouth on 5th too , cant possibly travel on the day for 9:00 a.m selection day!

Not an ideal way to celebrate birthday I suppose ! Cya and good luck and look forward to meeting you! Awaiting some updates on this thread about selection day experiences…


good luck insanemak , you could look up previous year’s thread- they are quite informative and I dont think they have changed the activities (they havent for 7 years from what I have gathered!)


Hey sweetlime,

many thanks for your wishes… I am unable to find any thread that discusses the group exercises that take place on the selection day. Most of the threads discuss the ones that take place on the 2nd round selection day (assessment centre).


Sweetlime, just to let you know the 5th of September is a Monday, and 6th is Tuesday! :slight_smile: Where are you planning on staying the night before? Mind if I ask where you’re travelling from? I’m coming from Yorkshire, eeeeeep!



I had attended this interview.

  1. Group excercise where in you will have to come up with a plan based on the task provided. Even though they say it is group and not individual.It is handpickedin the group based on who takes ownership and leadership
  2. Again a IBM PAT test and the end to confirm ur aptitude and psychometric etc.

That’s it rest is all the ytell u stories about IBM the job ,wat u get etc…


Hi All…

Even I’ve been asked to attend the 1st round selection on sep 6th at portsmouth. Wil they be reimbursing the travel and stay expense ?
Any idea what to prepare for the 1st round ?


@insanemak: As Ididit pointed out it should be 2 group exercises and re doing the psychometric tests … However, I read on some forums that you sometimes get an interview as well (but I think its for their other schemes, its not very clear …)

Previous years link:

Zibi234: Ooops, so it is :slight_smile: I will be travelling from Bristol (2.5 hrs , not quite as bad a travelling from Yorkshire though!) I haven’t decided where I will be staying, will probably pick something close to the assessment center. Will probably look at few options today- if you have found someplace, let me know.


Hey Ralph, congrats :slight_smile: I will be seeing you there. I’m not sure if you got the email today, they said they will be reimbursing for standard fare trains, taxis to the train station, and accommodation if you live over 100 miles away (but you have to let them know beforehand). They will reimburse for up to £150.

Sweetlime, I’m lucky that I’ve got a relative in Cosham so will be staying there I think. Let me know if you do find somewhere reasonably priced though.


tnz zibi… got an email today and also got the approval for the overnight accomodation.
Do you have any clue what to prepare for the 2nd series of IPATO test and the group exercises ?