IBM Strategy or Deloitte TI or Accenture Consulting


Guys don’t hate me, I’ve genuinely got this choice to make and no idea which one to go with. Salary is not a biggy so career prospects, prestige, training and working environment is more important.

Which do you go with?


So what did u choose finally man??? I gotta choose accenture or deloitte (operations consulting)…pls advise!


I have the same issue now lol…Deloitte or Accenture?


I have the same issue now lol…Deloitte or Accenture?


deloitte… more prestige for consulting… check vault ranking


Deloitte, if you ever get this choice go with Deloitte, I can not begin to explain how much better their TI department is than anything else in the market.


Just realised that is not very helpful… here is why Deloitte…

Salary was 40k+
The people you work with are the smartest
The projects are small and exciting, and you get a lot of responsibility fast
Training is unparalleled - Last 2 weeks I’ve had 4k of training dumped on me for a single 3 month project. If you join as a grad you do 2 ISEB diplomas and CIMA accounting Foundation.

No one will give you the same opportunities, in hindsight there is not really a choice, the answer is obvious



I finished my first round interview with accenture consulting… do you know what their salary is?