IBM Second Round AC



Hi there,

I have been invited to the IBM second and final assessment centre on 17th Feb 2014 in Winchester.
I have been asked to prepare a presentation for 10 minutes.

Can anyone tell me what should I expect more from this day, as the email says there will be many individual and group exercises apart from this ?




I just had my second round assessment centre

There is A LOT of fill in time - you may be waiting up to half an hour per exercise - I think they purposefully do this to burn you out to see how you behave when you are tired

First half of day (till lunch time) was individual exercises

10 minute presentation – one to one - very easy, they just seem to want to see if you are confident - this will be the first task most likely since they want to get the ‘stressful’ part out of the way - you will most likely be sitting on the same table with the interviewer with his/her laptop running the presentation

BIODATA - this is a fill-in of your general skills and experience - not really an exercise as such

Communication exercise - This is a one-to-one face to face competency interview on your BIODATA and IBM CV - they seem to want to see how you can talk, your confidence, etc. - I did not get any commercial awareness questions - they were all competency based for me

Warmer Fur – 20 mins analysis of the problem they give you - you need to read the information pack and digest as much as possible -then 15min interview where you need to role-play an employee of the company that is developing an app for the company named ‘Warmer Fur’ and make a recommendation - you will also be asked questions by the employee - the interviewer will be playing the role of an employee from Warmer Fur - then there is a 20 min email reply to the CEO of ‘Warmer Fur’ - this last section is very easy

(the BIODATA fill-in will definitely be before the communication exercise but the general order of exercises is random since there are not enough interviewers for all candidates to do every task simultaneously)

Second half of the day was group exercises - up till 4:30

3 group exercises

  1. Work together with data on sheet to come to conclusion (similar to first round assessment centre where you had to put information together - as much as everyone may say it, there is NO answer - they just want to see how you work as a group to come to a conclusion)

  2. You will be given a list of 5 items in your group of 4 - you need to all agree to arrange them on what are the most important in terms of ‘contribution to mankind’ - this is 15mins - then 2 people from each group will go to another group and combine their list of 10 - the aim here is that you want your items to go as high as possible on the list (and so do the other group) - keep calm, do not shout, relax, do not talk over one another - they just want to see how you negotiate/argue in a team since this exercise there is a direct conflict of interest occurring

  3. Question Time format on various realities in workplace - 2 interviewers will be asking a particular question to a member of the group of 4 - e.g. about what to do if employees leave the workplace, if there are problems with the client, etc. - very common sense - then the other group members need to contribute to that person’s points - then a question will be asked to the next person and the process starts over - do not waffle on - speak slowly and clearly - its not a race for information

Take your time, relax, make sure you drink PLENTY of WATER in the breaks since it is extremely easy to get dehydrated and not even realising it - make sure you eat lunch well (sandwiches will be served most likely - meat and vegetarian) - get a good sleep the night before since even though the exercises all in all are very easy, they are very tiring because it is 8 hours altogether and it does begin very early

You will be fine - it is not difficult - it will be a tiring but enjoyable day


Oh thank you so much. It was really helpful.

Did you hear back from them ?


Nope not yet - I am guessing they will put all the candidates against each other on a comparative basis first and then make the decision after the 17th Feb



Can you help me out to fill IBM application form for selection.