IBM salaries



Just wondering if anyone knows what the salary “development” is like at IBM. I started there in Novemer (just missing the massive increase in starting salaries) and I’m trying to find out how often the raises are. I don’t feel comfortable asking people I work with, not yet anyway. So does anyone know what the typical increases are and when they occur etc. etc. Perhaps what I could be earning in a year or two.

I know that IBM is quite different in their salary approach to other IT consultancies, so I would appreciate some concrete info.

I joined the GBS sector as an IT consultant.

Cheers guys


I believe it is usually in April when the financial year changes but I have no idea on how much will you get - I suppose it depends on inflation rate and your personal performance. If you are on 30k now I would expect 38-40k after about 2 years. But that’s just a guess. After all - money is not important, is it? :slight_smile:


A friend is working there.

Been there 2 years. end of grad program. on £28.6. gets a company car or cash £3k. plus bonus of £1k. you’ll get a pay rise to be on par with the new people who will be on a higher salary. so you should be on £30k soon. dont expect much for the next 2 years - economy is in super bad shape. more bad than they say on tv. be happy to have a job!


Ha! Thanks guys, but I wish that I was on 30k… :frowning:

Just to throw some numbers in - im on 25k atm (where as the new joiners will be on 27k).

ANiD, you mention a pay rise to be on par with new people - is that definite - did your friend get it? Is it too much to ask how much he/she started on? Also does your friend know when the pay rises happen? Once a year/twice a year? (I relalise it’s all based (well mostly based) on performance.)

i’m just trying to plan my life :slight_smile: moving etc. need to know approximate funds.


Im starting grad finance scheme in feb and will be on 27k for first 2 years with bonus of 3k in first year and 2k in second year. Shlobadov if you are that worried why not ask your pdm or someone in your team who has been there for say 1 or 2 years. They should not see it badly if you ask it in conjunction with career aspirations. Your pdm should not judge as answering your questions is part of his/her job.


ha! IBM are very tight with anything to do with money (expenses included) My friends who have worked there for over 2 years and have not seen any increase in salaries